Fiddling With My Food!

Enjoying your food is FUNdamental!

The Rewind Diner

069.jpgKanab, Utah is known for hosting the crews of the old Hollywood Westerns which were often filmed in the area.  Set amid beautiful western scenery and fixed between Zion, Grand Canyon and Lake Powell, this little city is a great stopping off point for a bite to eat.  I had intended to eat another Chicken Fried Steak at the Frontier Trails Cafe.  I’d eaten there a few years back on the way to a hiking expedition to Cheyava Falls in the Grand Canyon.  Their CFS was awesome and the gun slingin’ waitresses were a lot of fun to watch.  But alas and serendipitously, they were closed for the season.  And so it is that we lucked into a rare little treat.  We went to the Rewind Diner instead.


This great little diner is situated right on Main Street Kanab and presents the finest food in Southern Utah.  Shon and Elizabeth Foster, both trained Chefs, decided to leave the busy city for a more rural life in which to raise their children.  Kanab is the benefactor of their move as were we.  Who expected to find gormet food in this little out of the way place.  The Salmon Salad was fresh and imaginative, presented beautifully with flat bread and dipping sauce.  Their grilled Sugar Cane Shrimp was marvelously prepared and tasted like a bit of Heaven.  We tried our first Falafel and loved it.  For desert we had a wonderful Raspberry and Chocolate Ganache that was interesting, delicious and beautifully presented.  The even brought us a 1890’s style, vintage bottle of Coke.


If the food wasn’t outstanding enough, we lucked out and arrived after the lunch rush and were priviledged to get acquainted with Shon and Elizabeth.  If you like the Food Channel, like we do, you’ll love the Fosters.  Charming, engaging, and knowledgeable, they freely shared their experience and love of cooking with us, offering tips and much needed advice.  They encouraged our curiosity and desire to better learn the fine art of adventuresome cooking.   They even encouraged us to take a correspondence course from the Culinary Institute of America and get our own Chef’s Certificate. 

068.jpgIf you’re ever in Kanab, don’t miss this amazing little stop over.  You’ll love the food and Shon and Elizabeth are sure to treat you right and make you wish you were a year round resident.  When you do, say hi for us will you?

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Mom’s Cafe


About sixty miles short of the West end of Interstate 70 lies the sleepy little town of Salina, Utah.  If you take the Salina exit from the freeway and pass the gas stations, convenience stores, and fast food joints, where most travelers stop, and drive on into town to Mom’s Cafe, you’ll give yourself a culinary reason to rejoice!


Mom’s Cafe has been serving homey, delicious meals since 1926.  Caroline Jensen “Mom”, shows up to run the place every day.  Caroline can’t possibly have been the original 1926 Mom, she’s much too young.  

Chicken Fried Steak

 I first heard about Mom’s from Robert Fulghum in his book, It Was On Fire When I Lay Down It.  He claimed Mom’s had the second best Chicken Fried Steak in the World.  The best being from a cafe in Payette, Idaho.  I went to Payette for the express purpose of eating the best, but that cafe had gone out of business.

Whether it is by attrition or just plain great food, Mom’s Chicken Fried Steak appears to have qualified as THE BEST.  Regardless, it is the best I’ve ever enjoyed.  Caroline says the secret is grilling, rather that deep frying the steak.  I promise you, there is more to the secret than that.  It is delicious!

I will continue my quest for the best Chicken Fried Steak on earth.  If I ever find one better than Mom’s, I’ll be sure a let you know.  In the mean time, if you’re ever  in Central Utah, don’t miss Mom’s.

My travelling companions both had Mom’s Salmon, which I sampled.  I was jealous I hadn’t ordered that.  You don’t get better Salmon in the best seafood restaurants.  Moist, tender, flaky and seasoned perfectly.

Don’t miss Mom’s pies for dessert!  I’d like to have sampled every one!  I chose her Blueberry Sour Cream pie and was wowed by both the crust and the filling.  Some of the best pie I’ve ever enjoyed!

In today’s world of pre-prepared, even manufactured food, there’s nothing like good old, from scratch, home cooking.

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